Introducing NaZemi

NaZemi is the leading organization in development education and awareness raising area in the Czech republic. Founded in 2003, it has currently 20 employees and over 70 volunteers. The main office is located in Brno, PR office in Prague, and volunteer groups in Brno, Prague, Olomouc, Trutnov, Ústí n. Labem, Polička, Pardubice.

Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for active people in developing countries to make a decent living out of their work and pave their way out of poverty.

Corporate accountability


In cooperation with European and Southern partners we monitor conditions under which our consumer goods are produced. We organize campaigns to influence Czech and European companies as well as other commercial and political stakeholders to improve social and environmental conditions in their own and their suppliers' production facilities. When communicating with the public we focus on specific product groups such as garments, toys, IT or bananas.

Promotion of fair trade


We promote fair trade as a way of trade effectively supporting poor and marginalized farmers and craftsmen in developing countries. We have been doing vast majority of public relations work about fair trade in the Czech republic – we contribute to over a hundred media outputs every year, organize celebrations of World Fair Trade Day, running the website and campaign Fairtrade Towns and communicate with major commercial actors.

Global development education centre


We promote global development education on schools and among other educational governmental and nongovernmental organizations. We produce and distribute educational materials for teachers, organise seminars for teachers and educational programs for students. We employ innovative pedagogical methods such as RWCT (reading and writing for critical thinking), methods of active learning and other participative, cooperative and interactive methods.

NaZemi shops


The aim of our specialized fair trade shops is to provide Czechs with the opportunity to meet and shop for the widest range of fair trade food and crafts. The profit from the sales is supporting other activities of the organizations. Shops are run by volunteer groups in Brno, Prague, Olomouc, Trutnov, Ústí nad Labem, Polička and Pardubice. We import crafts directly from the South (India).


Kounicova 42
60200 Brno, Czech republic
+420 543 214 002